TOP 10 Most Popular Cockroachs Myths EXPLAINED

TOP 10 Most Popular Cockroach Myths EXPLAINED

There are tons of interesting myths that were created along the cockroaches, since they have managed to fascinate people for a very long period of time and they also have proved to be close to indestructible.

Myth #10: Cockroaches are some very clean bugs

The pure reality is that they are extremely filthy and dirty. They will defecate in their food and in yours if you don’t keep it covered or sealed in your fridge. There is a serious health hazard related to the cockroaches that you should be aware of. So make sure that you always remember, the cockroaches are not clean bugs and they don’t do any self-cleaning, this is the reason why you should always do everything that you can to get rid of them since your health is at risk.

Myth #9: Cockroaches are afraid of light

The truth is that they are not afraid of light, but they do start to run when you switch on the light because they will seek for a dark place to rest. The light is only going to scare them and once they will awake they will start seeking for a dark place to continue their resting.

Myth #8: That cockroaches are present only in dirty homes

This myth is once again not true. The cockroaches can be found anywhere. This means that they can be found in clean houses too, as long as they find water and a food supply and this is happening in any house out there. They eat anything, including grease, glue, hair and other things that you would probably not even think about.

Myth #7: Cockroaches are able to survive a nuclear war

You have probably already heard the saying that in case of a nuclear war, the only living things on earth to survive will be “the cockroaches and Cher”. The studies conducted by the scientists show that the cockroaches are able to survive a 15 times the deadly dose of radiations for humans, and a nuclear bomb will most likely going to have an even higher dose than that. But we still don’t know exactly information about Cher.

Myth #6: A cockroach can survive without its head forever

This myth is partly true. The studies have showed that a cockroach is able to survive without its head for one week and it will eventually die of thirst. While they can’t survive forever without their head this fact should definitely be considered to be pretty amazing.

Myth #5: There’s no hibernation related to cockroaches

The truth is that cockroaches do hibernate a very large period of the year and they tend to be active during the moments when there is a warmer environment available for them. At the same time the cockroaches are also spending 75% of their lives inactive while resting. This means that they will be active only 4 hours per day.

Myth #4: Cockroaches don’t bite

This is completely false. Some species do bite humans. While the average cockroach that you can find in your kitchen might not bite you, there are some species that you should stay away of and these are usually the bigger bugs.

Myth #3: All cockroaches can fly

While the large varieties of cockroaches do have wings when they are adults, the pest cockroaches that you can find in your home are not able to fly. The most common pest cockroach is the German cockroach and it does not fly. This is good, just imagine how difficult would be to catch them if they fly.

Myth #2: Albino cockroaches can’t reproduce

This myth is very simple to understand. First of all there are no albinos cockroaches. Those that are white are not albinos and they are just going through a process to shed their skin and they will turn back to their normal color in a matter of hours.

Myth #1: Cockroaches have to eat on a constant base

The cockroaches always seem to move along to where they can find food, but the truth is that they don’t need to constantly feed themselves. The studies showed that they can survive as much as 1 month without eating. However just like humans the water is definitely more important for them, and they can only live for one week without water.

Out of all the pests that exist in our homes, the cockroaches seem to have managed to create one of the largest numbers of myths. These myths were created by people who find it extremely difficult to get rid of them.

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