Killing Roaches

Roaches can invade your home spreading disease and bacteria to you and your family. They are extremely difficult to rid from the home and will continue to reproduce in alarming numbers. Here we will discuss how to get rid of roaches and roach killers.

If you see one roach, you have more burrowed within your home. Check for them at night with a flashlight looking for signs such as droppings. They leave behind a slimy brown residue or pellets. Look for the place where the roaches are entering your home. Check for cracks and openings in which they might be using to enter. You can try sealing these openings but roaches will likely find another entrance.

Trying to kill roaches is a difficult task. Remember that pesticides are dangerous to children and pets and to use caution when applying, better to use natural roach control when possible.

One method of roach elimination is dusting with a combination of flour, boric acid and cocoa. Use 1 part acid, 1 part cocoa and 2 parts flour. Place this mixture in cupboards, at the bottom of sinks and toilets and in cracks. The roaches are not afraid of this combination and will drag it home to their young, killing them.

Insecticide sprays are an effective way to get rid of roaches but they must be used with caution. Keep the family pets away when spraying and be sure to follow the directions on the can label. This spray should be applied where roaches are entering the home and where they hide. Be sure to spray in vents and cracks to effectively kill roaches.

Cockroach bait can be bought to kill roaches. It is available as a gel that is mixed with a cockroach bait that attracts the vermin. This is carried back to the home by the cockroach and eventually kills all the bugs. You can also get a bait that is enclosed in a childproof container. Children should not handle the containers but since the poison is enclosed, it is safer than an open substance such as gel.

If you wish to trap the cockroaches, place jars of water and coffee grounds along the wall. The roaches will be able to climb in but not escape. Place any lure you wish in the jar but coffee grounds are known to attract the cockroaches.

There are many home remedies to get rid of roaches, if you are comfortable getting close to the roaches, you can throw a soap and water mixture on them to immediately kill them. Roaches breathe through their skin and the soap in the combination clogs their breathing pores. Be sure to splash the head and abdomen with the soapy water and if you can get close enough, their belly. The roach will try running away but will die a few steps later. Get rid of the roach as quickly as possible as it may recover and run back to its hiding spot. This method is the most effective and the cheapest way to kill roaches in the home.

To prevent re-infestation, be sure to keep your home free of crumbs and spills. These messes attract roaches and once infestation happens, it is difficult to gain control. Be sure any leaking faucets or drains are repaired as roaches are attracted to water. If you believe the roaches are gaining entry to your home via drains, pour bleach down the drain. Do this every morning before you leave the home to kill any intruders.

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