How to Kill Roaches Fast

The sight of a cockroach running across your floor can make you panic. Your home sweet home suddenly has been invaded by pests, and you no longer feel comfortable. Instead of relaxing when you get home, you are now on guard, looking in every corner for the sight of a roach. Your stress is understandable, and unfortunately, it is something that many people go through. Cockroaches are resilient creatures that are challenging to kill. If there’s a way into your house or apartment, they will find it. Luckily, there are easy DIY ways to kill roaches. With these tips, you’ll learn how to become an expert cockroach killer.

How Are They Getting In?

The first thing you need to figure out is how those nasty roaches are getting inside.

  • Do a thorough search of your home.

  • Go along every wall looking for holes or cracks that a roach could fit through.

  • Pay special attention to corners on the floor, and also inside cabinets where you may not think to look.

  • If you find a crack, seal it up using caulk to prevent cockroaches from entering.

How Can You Kill The Intruders?

After you’ve sealed off your home so that more roaches can’t get in, you’ll need to know how to kill roaches that are already inside. There are plenty of options to kill roaches, from simple solutions to more advanced pest control.

  • Soap and Water: A simple solution of soap and water can actually kill roaches. If you see a roach, throw some soap and water on it, making sure to wet its head and abdomen. Wait about a minute, and it should be immobilized. This is a very safe way to kill roaches, especially if you have kids or pets in your house and are worried about using harmful chemicals.

  • Cockroach Traps: A specifically designed cockroach trap is a great cockroach killer. They have food scents that attract cockroaches onto adhesive where they become trapped. You can buy these at your local hardware store. They are also safe and non-toxic.

  • Boric Acid, Flour, Sugar: If you have a family of roaches living in your space but you don’t know where they are hiding, making poisonous cockroach “food” that they will take back to their nests can be an incredibly effective way of killing roaches. Mix one part boric acid, one part flour and one part sugar. Leave crumbs of this mixture where roaches might get it – under your stove, in the backs of cabinets, etc. Only use this mixture if you don’t have pets or young kids at home! It is toxic.

  • Insecticide Spray: You can buy high grade insecticide and spray it around your home – along your floors, in corners, and under appliances. However, know that insecticide is very toxic to you, your kids and your pets. If you plan on spraying your home, get everyone out of the house first. Stay with friends or at a motel for a night, and board your pets. When spraying, wear a mask to protect yourself from harmful fumes. After you spray, leave the windows closed for a few hours. Later, go back in (with a mask on) to open your windows and doors. Turn on fans, and air your house out at least overnight before you go back in.

If you still have a problem with roaches, or if you don’t know how they are getting inside your home, consider calling an exterminator. They will know how to safely and effectively solve your problem.

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