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Advion Cockroach Gel Baits – One of the best gel baits I’ve used.

Cockroach gel baits used by the professional exterminators or even the pro-grade gels are very effective in getting rid of roaches. They normally are very expensive and will sometimes be included in the price of the exterminators contracts – always ask just to be sure. They can never be 100% effective though, so I always like to use a few different products at the same time.

I have used a few gels in the past and some are more effective than others. One of the more effective gels was Advion. This is a professional grade roach control gel. This product has even been used in some popular TV shows about pest control.

I do not suggest using using the mists or foggers since they are highly toxic and they suggest you to not be in the apartment for a few days. The roaches are pretty smart. They normally hide when the fogger and mists are being used, they aren’t as effective as a cockroach gel bait, or traps.

I suggest using this gel in small drops every few feet in any place you can think of that roaches can visit. For me, I put it in the kitchen cabinets, on top of cabinets, under the sink, in corners of the room, on the floor around appliances, under the bathroom cabinets, under the bathroom sink, in the back of the toilet, etc. Be creative with the gel, and put the gel in the spaces you see roaches.

Now that you have the gel in place, you will see results in just a few days. You should start seeing some dead roaches on the floors, so throw those in the toilet and flush them. The others in places you can’t get to will act as a “gift that keeps on giving”. Roaches will feed on the dead roach, eating the gel bait along with it.  They also get poisoned, and the killing effects continue. This is very important, since the female roaches that lay eggs also will feed on this and eventually die. If you manage to kill cockroach eggs, you will not have any new roaches coming out of the woodwork – literally.

Overtime, the amount of dead roaches will become less and less, but they will still be around. At this point you shouldn’t see many roaches running around, if any at all.

Using Advion cockroach gel bait, you will get the roach infestations under control. Roaches seem to LOVE this and leave other food behind.

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