How Fast Do Cockroaches Breed / Multiply?

How Fast Do Cockroaches Breed / Multiply?
The answer to this question is simple: VERY FAST.

Cockroaches multiply fast, especially if they are going to find the perfect environment and this means that they must have food (leftovers, dirty dishes), water and a place to hide. This means that in case you don’t want to create the perfect breeding environment for the cockroaches you must first have a clean house and a clean kitchen.

The cockroaches breeding process is going to be different based on the species that you are dealing with.

The American Cockroach breed time and number of eggs

The American cockroach is a very popular type of cockroach that can be found in different regions of United States. These cockroaches form a huge colony that can infest a house in a short period of time. The American cockroach will be able to breed up to 150 new cockroaches during its lifetime and it’s going to take only around 7 weeks for the eggs to hatch. Thanks to the relatively small time from the moment when the egg is formed until it hatches, the American cockroach can become a menace pretty fast.

The Oriental Cockroach breed time and number of eggs

The Oriental cockroach is also known as a waterbug. This cockroach will take only 60 days to breed and one female cockroach can give birth to 16 new cockroaches. This is the reason why these cockroaches can multiply very quickly and in a matter of a few months in case you don’t do anything about the problem you will be dealing with an infestation.

The German Cockroach breed time and number of eggs

The German cockroach is currently spread all over the world and it populates the houses of many people. The German cockroach will breed in just 3 months and it can give birth to 40 new cockroaches.

What you have to do is to try not to let the cockroaches breed. You can do that by using any of the many pest control products available out there from the first moment when you see a cockroach in your house.

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